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7 Steps To Convert Your Idea Into A Successful Business

· Achal Ghai,Achal Ghai at VCCirc,Achal ghai as an Ent

What is the roadmap that you must follow if you are planning to establish a startup? Here are a few steps that are placed in the order of execution. Follow these steps to build your own startup and write your own success story.

A good startup needs a well-though-out strategy that needs holistic approach towards many problems that a startup face. Achal Ghai at VCCircle Events will guide us more about these things in detail.

1. Ideation: It is building up an idea that will grab the attention of the common people and the investors. You need to build your idea from the scratch to a perfect one which will be an amalgamation of many innovative ideas.

2. Pitching: It means presenting your ideas to the people that are potential investors. Pitching your idea to wrong investors may get you on the wrong foot.

3. Funding: Take this very seriously, it is all about presenting yourself perfectly. You will find the questions investors ask from the internet, get your own answers and prepare them well.

4. Prototype: Once the investment is promised to you, you will be given some time to develop a working prototype. Develop your prototype on time and in a presentable way.

5. Marketing Strategy: Develop a marketing strategy that makes your product go viral. Market your product in all the possible method available.

6. Revenue Model: Investors invest on your idea for good returns. Show them a good revenue model that they will be interested in,

7. Exit Strategy: Even the greatest of the ideas fail to deliver. You must devise a plan which will be your exit strategy if things don’t go as per your plan.

Remember, the investors will need everything on paper. Make sure everything and every information is in a presentable form.

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